Vastzittende inschakelspoel van Secheron snelschakelaar onderzocht.

We hebben het allemaal wel eens meegemaakt een vast zittende inschakelspoel van een secheron snelschakelaar, op verzoek van Prorail heeft secheron onderstation Arnhem bezocht.

Onderstaand de resultaten

Report of the visit of the substation in Arnhem.
Analysis of a first trolley with failure:
Problem summary: magnetic closing device doesnít come back after tripping (manual or overcurrent).
First we measured the current into the coil with the scope meter with a current probe 10mV/A = the current was at the maximum (4.4 A).
This was due to a bad adjustment of the serial resistor (7.2 instead of 9.4 Ohms).
See table here bellow for 48 V coil.

Then we checked the air gape in the coil and found out that it was set to an electrical holding type
(thatís why we have to turn back the cover for approximately ĺ turn).

Then we checked in the normal service with the trolley inside cubical. It was also ok.

Analysis of a second trolley with an intermittent failure.

First we checked the current and the resistor value: It was ok.
Then we checked the gap. It was ok (8.5mm)
Then we disassembled the closing device, to clean up the touching surface of the moving core from old dry grease.

Reassembled the closing device and cleaned up also the fork from old grease and put new grease instead.

Installation of the new isolation caps on closing devices to decrease the risk of the flash over to the ground.

Action: 6 new washers (9AVA330-12 WASHER ELA TYP SK 8.2/16.2x1.4-SS A4) have to be installed
on the oldest breaker, because the diameter of existing ones is too big.
3 caps HSBR430706P0001 SOCKET B 17.2/25x33 M8 PROTECTION-PA 66 SA

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